YANA Services

YANA offers peace of mind with a daily wellness phone call or text – the perfect bridge between isolation and interaction for those in need. Your family members can also passively check in when life gets in the way.

It’s a resource unlike any other: you can not only check in regularly but also be notified if your loved one is unable to answer the call. With YANA, you’ll always have the assurance that someone is there, keeping an eye out for you or your loved one’s well-being.

YANA offers various plans that cater to individual preferences, ranging from a daily automated phone call or text message to several options for personal phone calls for a more individualized experience.

wellness call

How it works


You will first choose a package to subscribe to. That package will come with a choice of designated times to receive the YANA call. Then, you will fill out the secured payment information for your subscription. Once complete, you’ll fill out a brief form and answer a quick informational questionnaire. FInally, depending on the service you selected, you will start to receive the official YANA calls within 2-3 business days.

When you receive the YANA call you will merely need to pick up the phone in order to complete the check in. Upon answering “hello”, you will hear a brief audio recording wishing you well for the day. A busy line or sent to voicemail will indicate a non-completed YANA call. If you do not pick up on the first call, you will get another automated phone call 1 hour later with the opportunity to answer. In the chance that you do not pick up the second phone call, your contact of choice will receive a notification informing them you did not pick up either call. Your contact of choice will then be able to follow through as they see fit.

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