yana call

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my loved one need YANA?
  • Even the closest family and friends are not able to check in with loved ones on a daily basis.
  • Some individuals do not have family or friends to check on them.
  • In a world where many find themselves lonely and/or isolated it is a little piece of mind to know that they will have a connection.
If I don’t have any family members, who can I put as my designated contact person?
You can appoint a friend or neighbor or anyone who is willing to follow up with contacting you in the event you do not answer your YANA calls.
Am I able to use this for my child away at college ?
Yes! Many parents and students find this very useful for peace of mind when they are off to college. It allows space for the student to have independence while also issuing some accountability. Many young adults appreciate this autonomy.
What happens if I go on vacation or want to put my YANA calls on hold?
If you do not want to receive YANA calls for a predetermined amount of times just let us know in advance and we will put it on a temporary hold.
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